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HeartBelonging Mixtape Vol. 1: Hoodies, Hair, & Heritage

Enrolled: 108 students
Tracks: 6

Using hand-drawn animations, explainers, skits, and interviews, young leaders from Durham, North Carolina unpack the concept of belonging in a creative and energetic fashion. Combining research with their own life experiences, Hoodies, Hair, and Heritage presents promises and possibilities for a brighter tomorrow, and can be used to spark next-level conversations among educators, students, parents, and policymakers. Watch and listen closely as scholars from Shepard Magnet Middle School, Hillside High School, J. D. Clement Early College High School, Bethesda Elementary School, and City of Medicine Academy teach us a thing or two about how belonging looks from their point of view.


Our Belonging State of Mind ft. Mikal
Our Royal Seven ft. Amauri & Tacari
Our Beautiful Black Hair ft. Jewels, Shaniya, Tamia, & Asia
Our Ruby Bridges ft. Fernanda & Tamya
Our Family’s Secret Spelling Bee Strategy ft. Ariel, Frank, and Dr. Kenya Dumas
Bonus Track: Our Hip-Hop Gems ft. Daniel
HeartBelonging Mixtape Vol. 1: Hoodies, Hair, & Heritage